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ANTIGUA & BARBUDA Citizenship By Investment

  • Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment

The Antigua and Barbuda passport is considered one of the best passports in the world due to its many benefits. It is a group of islands located between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. It is a short three-hour flight from Miami, Florida, and has an international airport that acts as a link between the rest of the Caribbean countries. It has 365 beaches, meaning one for each day of the year.

The other most preferred option is the possibility of obtaining an individual Family consisting of 6 people or more on Antigua and Barbuda citizenship by contributing to the UWI funding program at a price of 150 thousand dollars with some financial additions according to the number of people. And it does not stop there but also obtaining a one-year scholarship for a family member from the most prestigious university, the famous University of the West Indies when Participation in the UWI funding program.

Best program for families in the field of dual citizenship

Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment is one of the most suitable family passport programs due to the special offers it has for families of 4 to 6 people and more. One of these offers is a non-refundable contribution for a family of 4 people at a price of 100 thousand dollars. as well as the possibility of entering with their nationality more than 150 countries visa-free, including Singapore, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Russia, and all Schengen countries.

It has many other advantages such as the absence of taxes on income and wealth, as well as the possibility of opening bank accounts and companies, which makes the head of the family benefit from these advantages to support the family. The Antigua and Barbuda passport is strong and may not be canceled regardless of the executive policies of the government.

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St Kitts & Nevis

Makes it one of the fastest citizenships by investment. (Global Citizen Consultants)

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Second passport

Easiest programs of all citizenship by investment programs in the world.

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One of the best programs for traders and people who want to invest

Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program

Citizenship offering family security, visa free travel and tax-free peace of mind. In just a few months.

  • Requirements


1- Ease of obtaining an entry visa when needed and the ability to travel without a visa to more than 150 countries, including Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Russia, Brazil and Schengen countries, and residency in all other Caribbean countries.
2- There are no taxes on income, wealth, inheritance, and the ability to pass the passport to the rest of the family.
3- No need to reside or visit in order to obtain a passport, without a personal interview, and not to pass a language exam.
4- The possibility of maintaining the first passport and Antigua and Barbuda do not share your passport with third parties.
5- Free trade in the Caribbean, access to the best health and education systems, the possibility to open bank accounts and companies and start a business.


- He must have completed his legal 18th year.

- To have evidence proving the source of the funds used in the investment

- To have a clean criminal record.

- The people to whom you can pass the passport are: spouses, children under 18 years of age, dependent children of a husband or wife who are studying between 18 and 30 years old, dependent parents and grandparents over 55 years of age, dependent unmarried siblings under 30 years of age, and children with disabilities of any age.

Investment Options

1. A non-refundable contribution based on the number of dependents $100,000 for a family of 4 people.

2. A real estate investment that can be resold after 5 years $200,000 for a family of 4 people.

3. UWI Funding Program with Gratitude Scholarship $150,000 for a Family of 6 people

What GCC Offers You

We will follow up on your application and prepare for any additional government requirements, as well as assist you in post-nationality counseling, including how to add your family members, the way to renew the Antigua and Barbud passport, and reselling the investment property.

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