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  • Q1.How do I apply for citizenship or residency by investment program?

    You just have to take one step forward and choose us and we take care of the rest of the way because you have to choose an authorized company from the countries that offer citizenship by investment. We are proud to be at Global Citizen Consultants at the forefront of these few companies authorized by the governments of the countries of citizenship by investment.    

  • Q2.What is citizenship by investment?

    Citizenship by investment is that type of investment that allows its owner to obtain citizenship through it. and the country concerned will benefit from your investment by developing infrastructure and the country’s economy. Most citizenships-by-investment countries allow dual citizenship, as it allows you to obtain second citizenship without canceling your first citizenship.

  • Q3.What is the best citizenship by investment for families?

    Antigua and Barbuda is one of the most suitable family Passport programs due to the special offers it has for families of 4 to 6 people and more. One of these offers is a non-refundable contribution for a family of 4 people at a price of 100 thousand dollars.  And the other most preferred option is the possibility of obtaining an individual Family consisting of 6 people or more on Antigua and Barbuda citizenship by contributing to the UWI funding program at a price of 150 thousand dollars with some financial additions according to the number of people.

  • Q4.What are the easiest countries to get dual citizenship for those who have projects and commercial relations with China and the United States of America?

    Grenada is one of the easiest countries to get dual citizenship for those who have projects and commercial relations with China and the United States of America, what distinguishes Grenada’s citizenship by investment program compared to the rest of the Caribbean is its good relationship with America and China, through which the investor can enter China without a visa and also can enter the United States of America with an E-2 visa and start working there.

  • Q5.What is the cheapest citizenship by investment program?

    St Lucia has the cheapest citizenship by investment program which is suitable for young families and retirees who are looking for rest, tourism, and enjoyment of the beauty of nature because Saint Lucia is a wonderful destination that meets the aspirations of travelers who looking for a holiday in which they can enjoy charming beaches and those who wish to take adventures.

  • Q6.What is the fastest program to obtain a second passport?

    St Kitts and Nevis is the fastest program to obtain a second passport, obtaining his citizenship does not exceed 4-6 months in most cases, and what distinguishes it is the absence of the need for personal attendance, which was necessary for the past, in addition to the absence of the need for a language exam, and most importantly, it is not necessary to reside in the country to obtain citizenship, which makes it one of the fastest citizenships by investment.

  • Q7.What is the most complete program in the field of obtaining citizenship through investment??

    The importance of obtaining Turkish citizenship has many countless advantages. We have mentioned some of them in our articles and the rest you will discover on your own. For all these advantages, Turkish Citizenship by Investment is one of the most complete programs in the field of citizenship by investment.

  • Q8.What is the meaning of European residency by investment?

    European residency by investment is that kind of residency whose owner can obtain European residency, which allows him to work, study and live with his family in the best countries of the European Union. European residency by investment allows its owner to set up a company in any European country and invest from the real estate used in investment in the best way. Most important of all is the possibility of obtaining European citizenship after a few years without the existence of difficult conditions.

  • Q9.What is the best European residency through investment?

    Portugal has the best program for European residency by investment, which is called golden residency, which enables an individual to own a Portugal citizenship after only 5 years of Portuguese residency. There are many reasons that make Portugal the best choice for European residency, including the possibility of opening a project in all Schengen countries, as well as the possibility of studying and living in one of the safest countries.

  • Q10.What is the best second citizenship for businessmen?

    Dominica is the best second citizenship for businessmen, which has one of the lowest inheritance taxes in the world and the field of offshore banking is rapidly expanding there, making it an excellent choice for businessmen looking to open companies and offshore bank accounts freely.

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