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Golden PORTUGAL - Residence By Investment

  • Golden Portugal residence by investment

The Portugal Golden Visa program is considered one of the most attractive European residency programs due to the value of the benefits it offers to investors when they obtain it, the most important of which are freedom of movement and obtaining permanent European citizenship. Portugal is a European country and within the Schengen Group, located in the southwestern part of Europe alongside Spain . Portugal is characterized by its desirable Mediterranean atmosphere, delicious traditional cuisine, and ancient history. Portugal's population is about 10 million people, its capital is Lisbon, its currency is the euro, and its people speak Portuguese and widely speak English. The Portugal Golden Visa program is special for several reasons. One of the things that the investor is looking for is that the residency requirements to maintain a golden visa or obtain Portuguese citizenship in the future are the lowest in Europe. The investor and his family members must stay for two weeks every two years, which is considered the least demanding residency program in the European programs, and this feature can support busy businessmen who want the Portugal Golden Visa program or Portuguese citizenship without traveling much to Portugal.

The Portugal Golden Visa for Gulf businessmen

Although Portugal canceled the Golden Visa program at the beginning of 2022, but later retracted it, with canceling real estate investment and providing more than one other method, most notably investing in non-real estate funds. The Portugal Golden Visa Program is generally beneficial to businessmen in all countries of the world, especially countries whose citizens cannot benefit from citizenship programs because their governments do not accept dual citizenship, and this includes the Gulf and Middle East countries. The Portugal Golden Visa program offers businessmen the advantage of comprehensive mobility because with residency in Portugal you can reside in all other European countries, including France, Germany, Spain and Denmark, thus opening companies and developing businesses in Europe with attractive Portuguese tax systems and giving opportunities for family members to benefit from the Excellent health systems and studying at prestigious universities. Upon obtaining Portuguese citizenship after 5 years of residence and basic knowledge of the Portuguese language, the investor will have broader horizons. Instead of moving around Europe, it will be possible to enter 190 countries without a visa, including all major countries, not to mention that educational and health programs will become completely free for the whole family.

  • Requirements


1- All nationalities are eligible to apply for European residency from Portugal, and Portugal accepts dual residency and dual citizenship.

2- The possibility of adding family members to benefit from the European health system and the educational system in European schools in general and Portuguese schools in particular.

3- Portugal has a rich culture combined with nature, great cuisine, and a great weather, as well as the ease of communicating with its citizens due to their extensive knowledge of the English language.

4- Anyone can obtain the Portugal Golden Visa and then a Portuguese Passport with minimum residency requirements in Europe.

5- The possibility of studying, working and living in all European countries, and upon obtaining a European passport you can do all of mentioned but in 190 countries in the world.

6- The possibility of opening companies and expanding businesses throughout Europe, because firstly, Portugal helps you with this, and secondly, Portugal has one of the most comfortable tax systems for businessmen.

7- The Portugal Golden Visa is an ideal alternative to citizenship by investment programs for countries that do not accept dual citizenship, including Gulf investors.


- The investor must not have previously been refused a visa from Portugal or the European Union.

- The main applicant must be an adult with a nationality outside the European Union.

- Proof of possession of the necessary funds for investment and proof of possession of a clean criminal record.

- Residence for two weeks every two years, partially or fully. These requirements help in maintaining the Portugal Golden Visa and help in obtaining Portuguese citizenship after 5 years.

- To obtain Portuguese citizenship you must reside for one week every year for five years while maintaining investment and basic knowledge of the Portuguese language and Portuguese history.

- Family members that can be added for the Portugal Golden Visa with the main applicant are: spouse, children under the age of 18, children under the age of 26 who are not married and still studying and the applicant's parents or spouse over the age of 65.

Investment Options

1. Investing $500,000 in non-real estate funds

2. Investing $500,000 to open a new company or increase the capital of an existing company in Portugal, while creating 5 new jobs or maintaining 10 jobs for 3 years.

3. Investing $500,000 in scientific activities and research, and $400,000 in areas with low population density.

4. Supporting the national heritage and arts sector in Portugal by investing $250,000 and $200,000 in areas with low population density.

5. Creating 10 new job opportunities or creating 8 new job opportunities in areas with low population density.

What GCC Offers You

We remain at the forefront of offices offering the Portugal Golden Visa in particular and other European residency programs in general due to our extensive experience in dealing with these programs and because we are an office accredited by the European Residency by Investment Programs Units.

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