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TURKEY Citizenship By Investment

  • Turkey Citizenship by Investment

If we want to summarize Turkey, its location and the benefit of obtaining Turkish citizenship, we need to write two complete books about that, but we will summarize it as much as possible. Turkey is a Eurasian country that brings together two continents, dozens of cultures and languages. It links both sides of global trade with its location.

Turkey is one of the greatest countries in the field of economy , and you can rent the property that you will own with a high investment return, and in the end, after receiving Turkish citizenship and the passage of 3 years, you can resell the property with potential financial gains in a booming market. It is the preferred destination not only for tourists, but also for those looking for a second passport.

The comprehensive Turkish citizenship program in the field of dual citizenship

There are many ways to obtain Turkish citizenship, but real estate investment is the easiest and fastest way to a Turkish passport. Turkish holders can enter 111 countries without a visa, including Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore, in addition to the ease of obtaining a 5-year American work visa and a British work visa.

The importance of obtaining Turkish citizenship has countless advantages. We have mentioned some of them, and we will mention some of the others; the rest you will discover on your own. For all these reasons, Turkish citizenship by investment is one of the most complete programs in the field of obtaining citizenship through investment.

  • Requirements


- The ability to travel without a visa to more than 111 countries, including Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore, and the ease of obtaining the Schengen visa, in addition to the possibility of obtaining an American work visa for 5 years and a British work visa.

- The possibility of passing the Turkish passport to the wife and children under 18 at the same price as the individual applicant without imposing additional costs.

- There is no need to reside in order to obtain a passport, not to pass a language test, and no request for a source of funds permit.

- The possibility of keeping the first passport and the possibility of starting work as any Turkish citizen without a work permit.

- Free school and university education, free medical care, and free social service upon retirement.


- Submitting the necessary files.

- You must be in good health and have a clean criminal record.

- The property must be taken from a Turkish citizen or a Turkish construction company and not from a foreigner.

- The people to whom you can pass the passport are: spouses, children under the age of 18. children with disabilities, and who need care at any age.

Investment Options

1. A fixed investment of at least $500,000 for the applicant and his family.

2. Real estate investment that can be resold after 3 years $400,000 for applicant and his family.

3. Buying real estate bonds that can be resold after 3 years $500,000 for the applicant and his family.

What GCC Offers You

Only authorized international marketing agents are allowed to promote Turkey Citizenship through Investment programs. That is why we are proud that we at Global Citizen Consultants are at the top of the list of international agents listed in the Turkish Citizenship by Investment Unit.

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