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The Malta Permanent Residency by investment

  • The Malta Permanent Residency by investment

The Malta Permanent Residency by Investment Program is designed to help wealthy people and businessmen from the Middle East and the rest of the world obtain permanent residency in Europe. The Government of Malta introduced the Malta Permanent Residency Program (MPRP) on 26 March 2021, replacing the Malta Residence and Visa Program (MRVP) 2014, a direct European permanent residence programme. The Malta Permanent Residency is the best option for Middle Eastern and Gulf investors. Because most Gulf countries do not accept dual citizenship, and therefore cannot benefit from citizenship by investment programs. Instead, they are entitled to permanent residency in Malta and all EU countries, especially after the cancellation of golden residency programs in Europe and the narrowing of options.

The Malta Permanent Residency is permanent residency in Europe

The majority consider the Malta permanent residency to be one of the most attractive programs in the field of residency by investment, because its holder can open his company in Malta or any European Union country, as well as pass the residence permit to the rest of the family members within the same investment to benefit from first-class health and educational systems. In addition to the possibility of obtaining the best European passport after a period of 5 years of obtaining Maltese residency. The people of Malta speak the Maltese and English languages, and the capital of Malta is Valletta, which belongs to the Schengen group, and the official currency is the euro. Malta's strategic location at the crossroads enables investors in the Middle East and North Africa region to obtain beneficial residency and citizenship. To obtain the Malta Permanent Residency, it is sufficient to invest $350,000 (of which $250 is refundable) to obtain permanent residency in Europe.

  • Requirements

Program Advantages

1- The possibility of traveling and permanent residence in all European Union countries and opening a company there, and when you have a Maltese passport after 5 years of residence, you can travel to more than 185 countries without a visa.

2- Passing residency and passport to the rest of the family within one investment to benefit from the best free educational and health systems.

3- Malta has the best tax system in Europe, with no taxes imposed on trade outside Malta, inheritance and interest earned.

4- Possibility to retain your other residence and first passport in case you obtain a Maltese passport in the future. The bulk of the amounts are transferred only after obtaining approval.

5- Obtaining a potential return on investment and the possibility of reselling the property 5 years after purchasing it. With the possibility of obtaining a work visa from any European country the investor chooses.

6- Malta does not require any physical residency to apply, there are no interviews, and the application can be submitted remotely. But you only have to visit once to get biometrics.


- The main applicant must be at least 18 years old, have non-EU citizenship, in good health, and have no criminal record.

- The investor's capital must not be less than €500,000 (of which €150,000 must be financial assets).

- Passing a rigorous 4-level due diligence process.

- Proof of the source of funds used in the investment.

- The people to whom you can grant residency and a passport are: spouses, biological or adopted children who are not married and must be dependents of the main applicant, and dependent parents and grandparents over the age of 50.

Investment Options

To obtain the Malta Permanent Residency you must do the following:

First: Buy a property for 300/350 thousand euros or rent a property for 12/10 thousand euros annually, while maintaining both conditions for 5 years.

Second: Contribute an amount of 40,000 euros, regardless of the investment method.

Third: Pay an administrative fee of 28 thousand euros in the case of purchasing a property and 58 thousand euros in the case of renting a property.

Fourth: Donate 2,000 euros to a non-governmental organization.

With government fees depending on the number of dependents.

What GCC Offers You

With Global Citizen Consultants, you will obtain the Malta Permanent Residency with ease and guarantee, because we are one of the authorized agents and a company with great experience in the field of European residency by investment.

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