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  • Spanish residency program by investment

Do you want to get residency in all European Union countries at one time and then study or work and live in any European country? The key to the answer is with the Spanish Residency by Investment, which helps you to establish your company in any country you choose in Europe and the possibility of access to the global international markets.

With the Spanish residency, you will be able to watch Real Madrid and Barcelona matches from their strongholds. Just imagine that! The Spanish people are close in nature to the Middle Eastern community with their welcome and warmth, and it is a country with multiple cultures, history, and population composition. It is bordered by Portugal, France, and the Atlantic Ocean, and it is located in the path of interconnection between Africa and America.

Access to global markets with Spanish residency

With Spanish residency, you can achieve your goals by obtaining a Spanish passport after 10 years of residency, and after all this, you can withdraw your money from the investment by selling the property, and with this, you will have gained twice, first the high investment return from resale and also from renting the property in case you wanted to. Also, you can add your family with you to study at the most prestigious universities in the world.

The Golden Spanish Residency Program for Spain is considered one of the most popular programs compared to its counterparts because it has many benefits that accrue to its owner. After completing your approvals and obtaining the Spanish residency for a year, you will extend it every two years. After 5 years, you can obtain permanent residence, and after another 5 years, you can get a Spanish passport.

  • Requirements


1- The possibility of maintaining permanent residence for life.

2- Obtaining a potential return on investment and the possibility of reselling the property after obtaining Spanish citizenship.

3- The golden visa in Spain leads to permanent residence and then Spanish citizenship within 10 years

4- Pass the Spanish residency and passport to the rest of the family to benefit from the best health system and the strongest economy in the world.

5- The ability to travel without a visa and reside in all European Union countries and open a business anywhere in Europe, and when you own a Spanish passport, you have the third best passport in the world.


- The main applicant must be at least 18 years old, with a clear criminal record, prove the validity of the funds used in the investment, and prove that there are sufficient financial resources to support the family during the stay.

- The conditions for Spanish residency are to visit once a year, and the investor must maintain his investment. And in the event of a desire to obtain Spanish citizenship in the future, the investor must stay at least 6 months for a year for each of the 10 years required for residency, as well as maintaining the investment.

- The main investor and his family must be in good health and must have health insurance from within Spain and have never been refused their Schengen visa in the past.

Investment Options

1. Real estate investment that can be resold after obtaining Spanish citizenship 500,000 euros

2. Owning shares in a Spanish company with an amount of at least 1 million euros

3. Purchase of Spanish government bonds for an amount of at least 2 million euros.

What GCC Offers You

Our team of legal advisors will study your files and then chooses the optimal and fastest investment for you to obtain approval and then obtain permanent Spanish residency and Spanish citizenship.

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