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Greece Residence By Investment

  • Greece residency by Investment Program

The beauty of any country depends on two factors, first the beauty of nature and secondly the archaeological sites and heritage. Greece owns the two, and it is a country of the European Union, which is located in southeastern Europe on the borders of Albania, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Turkey, and to not forget the Mediterranean, and for this reason, Greece has a wonderful Mediterranean climate.

There is great advantage in the Greece Golden Program, which is one of the least European programs of residency by investment that requires residency, but requires your attendance only once and then there is no need to reside at all for the 5 years and in case of extend is the same case. And what distinguishes the Greece program by investment is that it is cheaper than all other European residences.

Least European Residency Programs Requiring Residency

Greece offers a residence permit for 5 years and then extends it for another 5 years, and so on, it is one of the most European countries that give a long residence through investment. Also obtaining their citizenship allows you to live 3 months out of every 6 months with the right to repeat entry in any other European country and the possibility of obtaining a permanent European passport when you own a Greek passport.

Its advantages do not stop, also you can get a Greek passport within 7 years of residence and the possibility of adding the rest of your family members, as well as the possibility of opening bank accounts in any European country and Greece accept dual citizenship, as well as the possibility of renting the property used in investment and obtaining a large return in a tourist country as Greece

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St Kitts & Nevis

Makes it one of the fastest citizenships by investment. (Global Citizen Consultants)

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Second passport

Easiest programs of all citizenship by investment programs in the world.

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One of the best programs for traders and people who want to invest

Greece residency by Investment Program

Citizenship offering family security, visa free travel and tax-free peace of mind. In just a few months.

  • Requirements


1- Greece does not require residency in the country, and at the same time, you can get the longest residency each time among all the countries of the European Union, which is 5 years, and the possibility of passing residency and passport to the rest of the family to benefit from the best health systems and good universities.

2- Possibility to roam throughout the European Union 3 months every 6 months with the right to repeat entry, as well as the possibility to enter the Caribbean countries. You and your family will get European membership after two months of Greek residency only, and European residency for life after that.

3- The golden visa in Greece leads to Greek citizenship within only 7 years, and Greece is one of the countries that accept dual citizenship.

4- The possibility of leasing the property used in the investment and reselling it after 5 years or after obtaining Greek citizenship with a good investment return.
br> 6- Greece has the lowest property transfer tax in Europe. 5. The speed of completion is up to 3–6 months, which is suitable for people who are looking for European residency and a European passport at a low price.


- Greece does not require residency in its territory and there is no need to attend when renewing the residency every 5 years, but the applicant must possess a valid entry visa at the beginning of the application, that means, to attend once in order to obtain the residency.

- The applicant must prove the existence of strong sources of funds for residency and he and his family must have a clean criminal record with good health.

- The people to whom you can pass the passport are: spouses, children of the presenter and spouse under 21 years of age, and parents of any age.

- In order to obtain Greek residency, the applicant must reside for 7 years and learn Greek.

Investment Options

1. Real estate investment, with the possibility of resale after 5 years 250,000 euros

2. Registration of a lease contract for a period of not less than 10 years in residence in hotels or tourist places with an investment of not less than 250,000 euros

3. Signing a property sharing contract with an investment of not less than 250,000 euros.

What GCC Offers You

With years of experience and our thirst to gain more customer satisfaction, we at GCC guarantee you a smart investment by obtaining a Greek residency and then supporting you in all matters related to your investment until you get Greek citizenship.

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