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Grenada Citizenship by Investment

  • Grenada Citizenship by Investment

Grenada spent many years in the past as a colony of several countries, and as a result, it has a mixture of multiple cultures, including British, French, African, and Western Indian, and this in itself makes it a special place for those looking for a diversity of cultures. It is an island located in the southeastern corner of the Caribbean Sea and northeastern Venezuela.

What distinguishes Grenada's citizenship by investment program compared to the rest of the Caribbean is its good relationship with America and China. Grenada is one of only 11 countries that can enter China without a visa and can also enter the United States of America with an E-2 visa and start working there, making it the only Caribbean country that has deals with the USA.

The most suitable for those who have a business in China

Also, one of the other advantages that Grenada alone possesses, which the rest of the Caribbean programs don't have, is the possibility of sponsoring siblings in the same application. And if you want to boost your economy and are looking for a quick passport, then Grenada citizenship is one of the quickest and smartest investment options.

The advantages do not stop there. Grenada, like other Caribbean countries, does not impose taxes on wealth and income, as well as the possibility of passing them on to the rest of the family, and the possibility of entry to more than 160 countries, including the United Kingdom, Russia, China, and all Schengen. With them, you will gain flexible investment and growth opportunities.

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Easiest programs of all citizenship by investment programs in the world.


Grenada Citizenship by Investment Program

Citizenship offering family security, visa free travel and tax-free peace of mind. In just a few months.

  • Requirements


1- The ability to travel without a visa to more than 150 countries, including Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Russia, the Schengen countries and China. In addition to the possibility of obtaining an E-2 visa for the United States of America and the possibility of working with this visa

2- The possibility of siblings’ sponsorship within the same application and the ability to pass the passport to the rest of the family members, and there are no taxes on income, wealth and inheritance.

3- No need to reside or visit in order to obtain a passport, without a personal interview, and not to pass a language exam.

4- The possibility of maintaining the first passport and Grenada do not share your passport with third parties

5- Speed of completion up to 4-6 months, which is suitable for businessmen who have a business relationship with the United States of America and China and who are looking for a decent life for themselves and their families.


- He must not have a bad criminal record.

- To be an adult, I mean 18 years and above.

- Show documents to prove the assets of the funds used.

- The people to whom you can pass the passport are: spouses, children under 18 years of age, dependent children of a husband or wife who are studying between 18 and 30 years old, dependent parents and grandparents over 55 years of age, dependent unmarried siblings under 30 years of age, and children with disabilities of any age.

Investment Options

1. A non-refundable contribution based on the number of dependents $150,000 for an individual applicant.

2. Real estate investment that can be resold after 5 years as owner and partner in a tourism project $220,000 for individual applicant.

3. Real estate investment that can be resold after 5 years as a single owner not within a tourism project $350,000 for an individual applicant.

What GCC Offers You

We represent you officially in front of the Grenada government, and we go through all stages of the application, starting with preparing the files to be submitted to the government and then taking the initial approval from the government then investing, and then obtaining citizenship and passport.